Friday, January 25, 2008

Lonely Days

Lonely days are here again. Dh had to fly out of state for his grandmother's funeral. So we are on our own until Monday evening. I miss him terribly already.

We have a signed lease on our new rental! We will be moving in next week and are very excited about it. We even have an activity on the calendar already. There is a Girls' Club starting and we will be moved in time for the first meeting. It's been a long time since we were able to participate in anything like this. It sounds like there are several families in the area that have children close to our ages so that is very exciting. We also have good friends from days past that live there.
Dh's job is also going well. So things are slowly starting to fall into place.

We are pretty healthy again although a little bit of sinus congestion is hanging on. We haven't been that down with germs in a few years. I guess moving will do that to you.

I started working on our taxes today and made good progress.
But I need my box of files before I can complete them. So a couple more days once we get settled and I should be able to mail them.

I also discovered today that our prepaid long distance ( does have an access number here. When we moved and the access number I had been using didn't work, I thought all my minutes were lost. I didn't think about looking for a different number. So I am very excited about that as their rates are good.

We have had a good amount of snowfall the last couple weeks. I will definitely get more pictures posted after we move. The view out there is gorgeous.

I'll wrap this up with some pictures.

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