Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Worship Guitar Class

Learning to play an instrument can be a lifelong blessing. This is especially true of something like piano or guitar which can be used in so many settings. Teenagers and adults alike can do just that with the Worship Guitar Class series. They also have a Worship Guitar Class for Kids made for ages 5 to 9 which starts with one finger chord songs.

I was blessed to be able to review Level One of the Worship Guitar Class. I received an instructional DVD and book with the lesson instructions and songs. Here's a look at what is included on the DVD.

* Introduction

* Parts of the guitar

* Tuning the guitar

* Lessons 1-7

1: How to hold guitar, A, E7, Song

2: D Chord, Thumb strum, Song

3: G Chord, Song

4: Up/Down Strum, Song

5: C, D suspended, E minor, A minor, Song

6: A7, Thumb Pluck strum pattern, Song

7: D9/F#, New strum pattern, Song

*Practice segments for each lesson

Each of the 4 volumes of the Worship Guitar Class costs $29.95 and includes a DVD and Instruction Booklet. A One Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee is offered. I just saw an advertisement in my area for guitar lessons listed at $25 per half hour. This one volume definitely includes more material than would be covered in one lesson.

There are also programs available for improving your vocal quality, playing the piano, drums, and other instruments.

When I first glanced at the program, I was disappointed that there were only 7 lessons, and I didn't hold much hope that it was going to be worth the cost. But once I started watching the lessons, it was clear that there is plenty of material to learn and practice. There are even practice sessions included on the DVD to help you with your practice. The instruction on the DVD is clear. And with a song to play after each lesson, there is motivation to perfect the new chords and strum patterns. I think level one is a good introduction to playing the guitar. You can then proceed through the other 3 levels if and when you are ready to advance your skills.

You can read here what other Crew members thought of the Worship Guitar Class.

Disclosure:This product was provided to our family for free as members of the 2009-2010 Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew. No further compensation was received. Reviews and opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

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