Monday, March 29, 2010

Math Galaxy

Galaxy of Education is a company that sells a variety of math games. Their Math Galaxy series goes all the way from addition to algebra. One of the first things I noticed about the Math Galaxy Fun programs is that there is always a visual as well as abstract element included. After a problem is answered, the problem is visually worked out, including the combining or borrowing tens, hundreds, etc.

A further strong point to me is that in the Addition Tables and Addition on Number Line screens, numbers are grouped to ten first then added further from there. Example: 6+8 = 6+4+4 = 14.

A third feature that grabbed my attention is that in the subtraction module, the corresponding addition equation is shown after the answer has been entered. Also, in the division module, the corresponding multiplication equation is shown.

These programs provide two different modes to work in. In the Step-by-Step Mode, the player is prompted through each step of the problem. This can be very helpful for someone just learning how to do a particular math process. The Total Answer Only Mode just prompts for the answer. Both modes visually work out the problem.

Math Galaxy is available for Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Word Problems, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra. They are $29.95 each.

There are also games included with the tutorial programs. All the games have a choice of different operations and subtopics.

In Word Jumbles, you match math problem answers to letters to spell the word. 1, 2 or 3-player options are available. “Money” is earned for each letter/word guessed. It is a bit cumbersome to use as several mouse clicks are required for each move.

Riddles is the same as Word Jumbles except you are solving a riddle.

With Bridge the Swamp, you work your way across the swamp by matching numbers to reach totals. However, the instructions are a little unclear and I haven’t totally figured out how to play it yet. You can compete one player against the computer or use two-player mode.

In Labyrinth, you use robots you have earned while working through other math problems.  

Math Riddler Worksheet Generators

Math Riddler Worksheet Generator programs are also available from Galaxy of Learning. With these you also have the choice of different operations including Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Proportions, Percents, and Algebra. They are $29.95 each.

Riddle Mode provides a printable worksheet with a riddle for the student to solve through answering the math problems. Worksheet Mode provides a randomly generated worksheet with straight math problems. You can print these worksheets with either answers or no answers.


These games don’t flow like top of the line programming; however, the information provided and the skills practiced make it worth using.

The Math Galaxy games are too hard for my Kindergartner and will be a better fit once she learns higher addition and subtraction. My 9th grade daughter really likes the Algebra labyrinth game and finds herself spending much longer on it than she usually spends on online math games.

You can see more detail on these products at the Galaxy of Education website. Also, please read the reviews of my other Crew Mates.

Disclosure:This product was provided to our family for free as members of the 2009-2010 Old Schoolhouse Magazine Homeschool Crew. No further compensation was received. Reviews and opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

UPDATE 4/2/2010

I mentioned in my review that Math Galaxy was too hard for my kindergartner. What I didn’t consider was having her use the manipulatives from her math program. So today I had her try the Whole Numbers Fun 1-digit addition. She worked the problem using her cuisennaire rods and then entered the answer. Math Galaxy then confirmed with its visual display what she had found with her rods. So she got the visual reinforcement from two ends. It worked great!

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