Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life is starting to settle . . . Almost

We have found a place to rent as of February 1st so I am very excited about that. Pictures will be forthcoming after we get moved in. The view is gorgeous!

My curriculum musings are slowing. Either the day of or the day after my previous post, I ran across a Project 365 picture of Diana Waring's "What in the World's Going on Here?". (I had looked at her history curriculum a couple years ago but it didn't fit what I needed at the time.) So I printed off the Ancient Civilizations and the Bible sample and read all the way through it. (I can't stand reading things on screen.) There was such a confirmation that this is what I want for next year. (Then I realized why TOG was not coming together for me. Because although it looks like a great program, it isn't for us right now.)

So having the history decision made took a large load off my mind. I was then able to start making decisions on what language arts will fit best with that. So just in time, my Learning Language Arts Through Literature Gray teacher manual (8th grade) arrived in the mail. I think it will fit quite nicely with History Alive! making a compact core package for my 8th grader whose main focus will be history, science, and composition. (Math will pretty much be a review year.) So now all the large decisions I have left are for my 6th grader.

(Do I dare post this at this early date?)

Diana Waring's History Alive! Ancient Civilizations and the Bible
(History, Geography, Vocabulary, Composition, and other skills)

Apologia Physical Science

Learning Language Arts Through Literature Gray
(Grammar, Vocabulary, Composition, Literature, etc.)

RightStart Mathematics: A Hands-On Geometric Approach

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