Friday, September 4, 2009

Guardian Angel Publishing

Andy and Spirit Go To the Fair by Mary Jean Kelso
(Andy and the Albino Horse series)

An encouraging book about a boy who has challenges but still wants to participate in the horse activities at the Fair. It shows that even if something seems impossible, if we will push past our comfort zone and stretch our limitations, great things can be accomplished. Other books in the series include Andy and the Albino Horse and Andy and Spirit in the Big Rescue.

Hamster Holidays: Noun and Adjective Adventures
by Cynthia Reeg
(Pet Parade Grammar series)

Nonsensical holidays help children learn about nouns and adjectives. The adjectives are all in red and the nouns are in blue. The illustrations are very colorful. There are also a few noun and adjective activities at the end. I prefer teaching children with real information so this book was not on my favorites list. But the book does have a lot of color and life.

The Sum of Our Parts:No Bones About It
by Bill Kirk

A silly poem throughout the book helps readers learn the bones in the body. The "Factoids" add further information to the lessons. There are plenty of illustrations throughout although I did feel the skull drawings erred on the side of creepy.

Rainbow Sheep
by Kim Chatel

Fiber art illustrations are plentiful in this story about a little shepherdess. After tickling the rain clouds away, Genevieve met a sad rainbow. Turns out the rainbow was bored. But Genevieve was able to show the rainbow that life is never boring if you just have a little imagination. This made the rainbow so happy it cried tears of joy which fell on the sheep and turned them from dingy white to the colors of the rainbow. There are lessons on felting at the end of the book.

Maybe We Are Flamingos
by Safari Sue Thuzman
(Safari Sue series)

Even children deal with feeling insecure at times. And this book can help them realize that just because they are unique does not mean they don't belong. It also teaches the lesson that things aren't always as they seem and sometimes we just need to be patient. The illustrations are really bright and fun.

Of the 5 ebooks I reviewed I thought that
Andy and Spirit Go To the Fair and Maybe We Are Flamingos had good lessons for children and were worth reading. I would recommend purchasing a printed copy to receive the full benefit of the books.

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There are many other books available through
Guardian Angel Publishing so if you are in the market for these types of children's books make sure to visit their website.

You can also read what other Crewmates thought of their books.

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billkirk said...

Dear Hidden: Thank you for taking the time to share your comments about the Bones book. I appreciate the kind words and the candid view of the contents of the book, which will of value as the rest of the series (The Sum Of Our Parts) rolls out over the next couple years.

Thanks, again, for sharing your thoughts.

Bill Kirk

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