Thursday, February 28, 2008

This week you are given $1000 PRETEND online spending money! The rules are simple for this assignment. Using ANY online store…write out a shopping list of what you would buy! You can even post pictures of the items you're buying, if you want, it's not required. These things should be things for YOURself ONLY! List the name of the website with a link and include product item # and cost…you must use all your $1000 without going over!

My first thought was that I have no idea what I would do with $1000 to spend on just myself. I do need some clothes but not that many. Then I remembered what I really wanted but will never get to do unless I actually do get that $1000 just for myself. I would sign up for this Nutritional Consultant Course. But, of course, the total cost is $1,475, meaning I would fail this assignment, which is really bad since it is my first one. So, I wracked my brain some more and a list of slowly forming. More to come soon . . .

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