Sunday, February 3, 2008


BAD NEWS: We somehow ended up not bringing the boxes with our kitchen essentials. So we are without plates, bowls, silverware, cutting boards, kettles, cooking utensils, and my grain mill.

GOOD NEWS: I had some casserole dishes in storage and I brought my stoneware, skillets, glasses, and can opener with me. I found some pots and pans on Freecycle.

BAD NEWS: It is -20 degrees here today and we don' t have block heaters on the vehicles.

GOOD NEWS: It is gorgeous and we don't HAVE to go anywhere today.

Here are some more pictures:

It was okay when he was by the window.
But the one by the full glass door was a little too scary.
I didn't get a picture of that one as I decided we better head upstairs.

What else can I get into?

That's where that toy went!

If I'm not online much, here's why.


barbie said...

How fun to see your new house! Glad to see you're getting settled ... bit by bit, piece by piece. :-) The pictures are great ... you're right, the view is gorgeous.

southmsmomof4 said...

Thanks for updating me. I'm a bit slow sometimes. Looks like all is going well. I just love the pic of you by the pc, I have to do that at times because the children steal my chair. LOL
Anyway glad to hear you are settled into your home and I am sure you are happy to be in your own place again. Be blessed

Anonymous said...

oooh, love that Chunky Monkey and his sisters! Great Pix and can't wait to see the house in person. :-)

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