Tuesday, February 12, 2008

State History Study

Dd12 is finding her state history study to be a bit more work than she had counted on. But I think it will be good in the end. Here is what we are doing. (Letters on schedule below correspond to this outline.)

State Study Schedule

Week 1
Research Geography (A)
Write Geography rough draft

Week 2
Research Explorers (B1)
Write Explorers rough draft

Week 3
Research Cultures (B2)
Write Cultures rough draft

Week 4
Research Statehood (C)
Write Statehood rough draft

Week 5
Research Transportation / Economic Development – Statehood to current (D1-2)
Write Transportation / Economic Development rough draft

Week 6
Research Religious / Political Development – Statehood to current (D3-4)
Write Religious / Political Development rough draft

Week 7
Research State Symbols (E) (1 day)
Write Symbols rough draft
Produce visual illustrations
State Map (1 day)
Put rough drafts together (2 day)
Introduction paragraph (1 day)
Concluding paragraph (Student Summary) (1 day)
Add transitional sentences (1 day)

Week 8
Edit for flow (3 days)
Edit for mechanics (3 days)
Second draft (1 days)

Week 9
Final edit (3 days)
Final draft (2 days)
Title page / Bibliography (1 day)

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