Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rosle Stainless Steel Onion and Vegetable Chopper

I don’t know if anyone is like me and chopping vegetables and nuts is not his or her best skill. My old food chopper broke and I thought I would not miss it that much. Wow, was I wrong! So I have been on the hunt for one of high quality as I was tired of dealing with choppers that didn’t do a top notch job.

Then I spotted the Rosle Stainless Steel Onion and Vegetable Peeler from CSN. It looked like good quality from the picture and the reviews were decent. So I thought it was worth a try.

My order was placed on January 12, 2011, and I hoped this would be “the one”. Shipping occurred on January 17th, a little longer delay in order filling than I am used to but definitely not horrible. I received my order on January 21st. Now one neat thing about the CSN Stores is that many items ship for free. Unfortunately, this does not apply to Alaska, but those of you in the lower 48 can sure take advantage of it.

How did the packaging rate? The outer box was well taped and the item was surrounded by paper to provide plenty of protection in transit. There were no instructions included; however, the chopper is plenty easy to use.

My initial impression of the Rosle Chopper was that it is made of durable material and should live up to my expectations. The blade protector even has a little handle for easy removal and cleaning.

Upon testing, those expectations have definitely been met. The rotating blades made short work of everything I tested. Onions diced small in about 6 chops. Pickles, pecans, apples, and almonds all were a breeze to chop. The almonds didn’t chop evenly but that is pretty typical for them. Frozen fruit didn’t even pose a problem for the Rosle Chopper. It made it into nice even slivers. Now I thought dried apricots might cause issues, but it actually worked and I ended up with a nice pile of tiny, diced apricots. Clean up was a bit more of a pain after that since they were so sticky. But with everything else, clean up has been as simple as rinsing out the 3 pieces and letting them drain.

Operating the tools is also simple. The only thing to watch is that your chops are precise and you let the chopper return to the top before your next chop or the food will bind. The proper movement is quite natural making this a very minor issue.

So down to the big questions – Is the Rosle Stainless Steel Vegetable and Onion Chopper worth the price? I would have to say that if you cook or bake a lot and don’t like chopping by hand, it is definitely worth the price. That is saying a lot coming from me as I am pretty tight with my purchases. However, there are just times when I would rather have a high-quality, more expensive product than one that drives me to frustration every time I use it.

I am very pleased to finally have a good quality chopper in my cupboard. It makes it so much easier to make recipes such as granola, peanut butter/apple tortillas, and tuna salad.

Disclosure:A credit was received toward this product by CSN Stores. No further compensation was received. Reviews and opinions expressed in this blog are my own.

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