Wednesday, February 2, 2011

9th Grade Core Plans – 2011 / 2012

VideoText Algebra
Put That In Writing: Mastering the Essay
BJU Fundamentals of Literature
EpiKardia World History 1
DIVE Physical Science
Visual Basic Programming
Abeka Health


Jodi said...

I really like the concept of Video Text Algebra. Math is not my forte..sigh..Have you used these before? I'm always looking for better and easier ways to teach math.

Hidden Jewel said...

Dd15 has completed VT Algebra and is starting Module D of VT Geometry. I like how it takes a concept and teaches it from simple to complex. By the time you get to the complex problems they are easy because you have been working up to it all along. On the VT Algebra, I prefer to have my dc do a pre-algebra course (we use BJU) and then start with Module B.

Michelle Smith said...

This looks very similar to what my 10th grader will be studying, only with different textbook publishers.

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