Monday, August 11, 2008

Frogs Desiring a King - Week 4 Project

Here is dd13's writing project from week 4. The original was from the Aesop Fable The Frogs Desiring a King.

The Frogs Desiring a King

The Frogs were perfectly content in a marshy area that was ideal for their lifestyle. They led simple lives where no one bothered with them and they left everyone else alone. But for some of the amphibians, this just wasn’t enough, and they decided to do something about getting a set of rules and a ruler to enforce those rules. So they sent a request to Jove. “Give us a king,” they whined,” for we are unable to govern ourselves.”

Jove roared with laughter and sent down a great oak tree, which caused pandemonium to break out as it landed among the frogs. The terrified frogs scurried for the shore as if more trees were going to fall on top of them. For a few minutes, the frogs perched on the bank, waiting for the terrible monster to do something. But the log stayed still. After a moment more, two of the most courageous frogs in the group hopped into the water and swam cautiously toward their new king. Seeing that their approach did not disturb it, the greatest hero of the frogs leaped on top of the log and began to dance. Soon all the others joined him on top of their ruler, dancing a making merry.

For a while, the frogs were happy to ignore their new King Log. But once again, some of them became dissatisfied. “Jove,” they demanded, “give us a real king, one who does something.” Jove, finding this insulting, became upset and sent down a stork, who lost no time eating its subjects. By the time the frogs apologized, it did no good. They realized that no rule was better than cruel rule.

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