Monday, August 4, 2008

All My Books

So I am doing a 30-day trial on a book catalog software called All My Books from Bolide Software. I am wanting something to keep track of both my paper books and my e-books. I especially want it for the books I use for school but it would be nice for my personal books as well. For school I have many living books for history but have no way of knowing what they all are so I can make use of them when we are studying a particular time frame. Using a book catalog would let me know what resources I have available and also allow me to put the books together by category so they are easy to find when I need them.

Here are the features I like about All My Books so far:

All you need to do is enter an ISBN, book title, or author, and it will search for books online that meet that criteria.

When you enter an e-book it not only lists the information on the book but puts a link to the file so you can access the e-book directly from All My Books.

You can group books by category including what series they belong to.

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