Friday, July 25, 2008

Two Weeks Down - 34 to Go

We just completed Week 2 of our new school year. Things are settling into a groove finally. I really dislike the first couple weeks of school until we get into a routine and wrap our heads around everything.

The biggest changes for us this year are:

Old Fashioned Education 8th grade for history and literature. Dd is really enjoying the material though. I even found Beacon Lights of History Volumes 1-14 on Ebay for less than $2.50/volume including shipping. The rest of the books I have found online and printed. It was a very good feeling to get a handle on printing the online books. It makes OFE so much more doable.

She is also doing History Odyssey which is new but easy to implement. (And, yes, she does have A LOT of history this year. But she is okay with it so far.)

Classical Writing Workbook for Older Beginners for dd (8th grade) is taking some study to wrap my head around. I do like their approach with working with the selection, then words, sentences, then paragraphs. They also do a weekly writing project.

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Anonymous said...

Well-done! It actually made me want to read the story. :-)

~Auntie Brenda

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