Wednesday, April 28, 2010

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One of the hard things that parents go through is suspecting their child is not developing normally. One area this can occur in is speech. Licensed speech language pathologist Deborah Lott knows that parents need tools to first determine if there is a problem and second to help their child.

Super Star Speech was developed to give parents such tools. Three different books are available depending on your needs. They are Super Star Speech, Super Star R & L, and Super Star S, Z, and Sh. You can also buy them all together in a package.

Also available on the website are Super Star Games. These education enrichment games come in e-book format for a cost of $3.50 each.


Thankfully we did not have a need for the speech therapy material. The only game that fit our age range was All About Animals. This is a bingo type game where the child can match the picture of an animal to its description and its category. The pages print up nicely on card stock and work well for laminating.

You can visit the Super Star Speech website for more information. Also please read the Crew reviews.

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