Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Changing History Theories and How to Teach Them by Dr. Ruth Beechick

The Changing History Theories and How to Teach Them by Dr. Ruth Beechick highlights ways to teach history both accurately and enjoyably. In the first part, Dr. Beechick identifies different views of history. She encourages parents to use the Bible as their main historical guide. In the remainder of the book, Dr. Beechick discusses tips and traps of teaching history.

Homeschooling parents tend to worry about leaving gaps in their student's knowledge of history. Dr. Beechick points out that history engulfs such a large expanse that there is no way we can teach them all the history there is to know. She also teaches that memorizing every detail in not essential. Dr. Beechick states that the stories of invidiual people and specific events should comprise the majority of historical learning. She encourages less emphasis on chronology until students have a good foundation of reading history, usually starting in junior high. She also warns against using the non-Biblical order of empires. Dr. Beechick concludes the book with instructions for making a simple timeline.

What I gleaned from this book is that the Bible should be the center of our history studies since God is the One in control of all history. We should also strive to understand the overall flow of history instead of getting bogged down in trying to remember all the details.

You can order this 10-page WeE-book from The Old Schoolhouse Store.

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