Monday, June 2, 2008

Back to Explode the Code

My youngest daughter (4yo) started her journey of learning to read with Get Ready for the Code Primer A. She went right through that and moved to Get Set for the Code Primer B. We got about half way through that and her interest tapered off. So we let it go. After a couple months we started working through All About Spelling Level one. She has been doing great at learning the sounds and encoding the words. It also gave her the skills to start reading. But we have kind of hit a wall with AAS. She is ready to continue learning to decode words (read), but she isn't ready to continue on with the spelling rules. So I have been wondering what path I should take. Then today I remembered about Explode the Code. She is definitely past the primers, but ETC 1 looks like what she needs to solidify what she has already learned without it being too easy. So I once again have a plan which is really nice because I have been stressing a bit about where to go next.
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