Monday, April 7, 2008

Fun Finds

I was drooling over the Queen Homeschool catalog this weekend. I love the resources available for making learning come alive.

I also found some reading series that look really neat:

The American Adventure which unfortunately is no longer in print (from what I can tell).

Liberty Letters which is scheduled to be re-released this spring.

Sisters in Time

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Traci said...

Well, so you do have another blog. And all this time I thought you had stopped blogging.
Thanks for the web sites. I know you'll like the CM Approach if you all try it. Just today, we ahd gone to a thrift store in our town & my DS found a Science book on a high school level & wanted it (He's only in the 3rd grade). I let him get it instead of trying to keep him on his grade level with material & he/we have had a time on our way home learning so many new things.
He said, "Wow! Mamma, there's a lot of stuff in this science book that we don't know. They didn't put most of this stuff in our book."
I was sitting there thinking, "Yes son, that's because that's grades ahead of you. They cover more things in the higher grades, but instead I kept my mouth & said, really?"
My DS has been a sponge absorbing new material.
Hope you and your children find the love of learning like we have in teh past month. It's great! Blessings, Traci

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