Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No pictures to share today until I download the camera. But just wanted to give you an update on us.

Dan's job is going well. They have restructured his position. It now includes being the database administrator for the company. This is a role he enjoys so it is a positive change.

I am staying busy with homeschooling and just keeping the household afloat. School is going well. We have about 11 weeks left. (We usually run from Jul-Mar but the move this year extended that.) I have most of next year planned out and am starting to purchase material. The girls are enjoying spending a lot of time playing outside. They have made some friends in the neighborhood.

We are slowly getting the house put together. We are still on the look out for another couch, some kitchen chairs, bar stools, and a bunk bed. I found a couple area rugs but haven't heard back from the sellers. But spring and summer are coming and we will hit the garage sales for what we still don't have.

That's about it for right now.

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